Counterfeiting of banknotes

Historically banks issuing banknotes have faced counterfeiting and sought to thwart counterfeiters’ attempts by increasing the number of symbols and security features.

The Central Bank of the Principality of Seborga (BCPS), aware of the economic stakes and the impact of forgery of counterfeit banknotes, is actively working to secure Luigino’s bank note.

BCPS 'Liability for Banknotes

BCPS is the only body authorized to issue Luigino bank notes. It is the sole responsible for issuing notes and best guarantees the safety of its users by adopting anti-counterfeiting features.

BCPS is responsible for the design of banknotes by integrating the security elements, through the distribution of new notes and the replacement of used notes, and assumes the associated cost. It also ensures the supply of tickets in sufficient quantity.

The design of Luigino banknotes

The objective of BCPS is to produce tickets that the public can use with confidence. To this end, BCPS invests in research and development:

  • working on security features of bank note ;
  • by increasing the means to detect and put counterfeit notes out of circulation;
  • developing initiatives to support the efforts of law enforcement agencies to discourage counterfeiting.

The design of the Luigino notes has been made in such a way that it makes the cuts more difficult to falsify.
The ticket LUIGINO meets the standards of bank security paper in force and has twelve (12) securities:

1 bank paper security

    • CBS1-PFC-PEFC ISO 9706-1999

2 raw material safety

    • without optical brightener
    • responsive to erasure attempts

9 printed safety

        • Guilloche
        • Microlettre
        • numbering
        • invisible ink
        • Copy protection EURion (Technologie anti copie)
        • Internal control code
        • Thermochromic ink (disappears at a temperature of >27°)
        • Chromotropic ink (changes color under UV)
        • Varnish