History of Luigino

At the initiative of the monks of Lérins, more than three centuries ago, the Mint was created in Seborga to strike its own currency. The auction was given to Bernard Bareste de Mougins by Prince Abbé César Barcillon.

The right to coin money (jus cudendi) is a prerogative of sovereignty.

The old coins, struck in gold and silver whose name well known in France is « LUIGINO » because they exchanged against the value of a quarter of French Louis, bear on one side the effigy of Saint-Benoît with the inscription « DECUS AND ORNAMENTUM ECCLESIAE », on the reverse a shield surmounted by a floral crown, an abbatial miter between two palms and, below, the year and the inscription « MONASTERIUM LERINENSE PRINCEPS SEPULCRI CONGREGATIONIS CASSINENSIS ».

We can note in this inscription the duality of the communities of the monks of Lérins and those of Seborga.

Indeed, if the words « Monasterium Lerinense » attribute the Écu to the monastery of Lérins, the word « Sepulcri » was the primitive name used to evoke Seborga and especially his Hotel of Coins.

The currency in 2017

The currency of the Principality of Seborga, the Luigino, is indexed to the US Dollar.

Current currency rate via CURRENCY XE : www.xe.com/fr/currency/spl-seborgan-luigino