In accordance with articles 3 and 4 of the princely N° D-2016/02-01 on the proclamation of the Central Electronic Public Administration of the sovereign Principality of Seborga, it carries out its trade and financial operations in tax-free zones (Art. 3). BCPS is the only one authorized to issue approvals to financial institutions wishing to set up on its territory (Article 4).

The Central Bank of the Principality of Seborga has the following fundamental tasks :

  • define and implement monetary policy,
  • to ensure the stability of the banking and financial system,
  • promote the smooth operation and ensure the supervision and security of payment systems,
  • implement the exchange rate policy of the principality,
  • manage official foreign exchange reserves.

The Central Bank may conduct, with due regard to monetary equilibrium, specific missions or projects that contribute to the improvement of the monetary policy environment, diversification and the strengthening of the financial system and technical capacities. and professionals in the banking and financial sector.